Malawi HMIS

Malawi HMIS

Welcome to MoH HMIS Data Warehouse. Analyse health data anywhere, anytime!

HISPMalawi: Managing and Supporting the Development and Implementation of DHIS2 in Malawi.

HISPMalawi hosts and maintains the DHIS2 Server for the Malawi MoH HMIS, ensuring high stability, performance and Security. Your data is always backed up in a secure place.

HISPMalawi designs custom forms for efficient data collection and designs custom reports for processing and use of information.

Need support to develop DHIS2 or OpenMRS database, define forms, create reports? You can email
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This DHIS2 Server is  managed by HISPMalawi. 
For server side issues, email: Server Side Helpline :  0888-538-596
For data access credentials please contact 0995-450-499, 0882-009-901

Powered by DHIS 2  HISPMalawi ensuring system updated to the latest stable version and build